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Company Profile

Belle Capital Management is a full-service accounting firm, tax practice, and financial consultancy based in Culver City, CA. 

We are a diverse and innovative company, with 18+ years in the financial, tax, and risk management field. We expand over multiple economic sectors, demonstrating the highest level of expertise and work ethic.​


Belle Capital was founded by Yasmine Belle. Yasmine has spent over a decade in the corporate accounting field, working with fortune 500 companies along multiple financial sectors, developing her extensive background in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), compliance and Security Exchange Commission (SEC), and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations. Yasmine is a federally licensed tax practitioner, Enrolled Agent (EAs) providing fiduciary taxation, acting in the best interest of the client.

Yasmine always listens to client's concerns, shares all information about potential investments, including benefits, risks, and tax issues, and treats the financial goals of her clients with the same care and interest that she devotes to her own.


Languages: English, French, and Arabic.


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Yasmine Belle, Founder, and CEO 
Next Generation "Tax Titan"

"My passion lies in the mentorship and coaching to all Women CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Visionaries and Creators, as our future depends on the investment we make today in developing the next generation of women leaders.

We must cultivate the mindset that anything managed has to be measured, and helping clients reach their financial power through creative planning is my strong suit.


Whether we focus on individual debt consolidation, overly exposed credit card debt, or an organization's financial planning and risk strategy, we carefully plan each economic map organically to the goals of our clients.

I infuse my work with a genuine desire to help our WomanCEO tribe using tools I have learned during my challenging seasons.


My inspiration comes from my father, who was a brilliant entrepreneur, and managed several businesses globally, while always keeping the future in mind.

After helping several companies successfully create long-term plans, I realized: it was time for me to start my journey and continue on my father's legacy.

Belle Capital Management, Inc is a full-charge accounting firm, and WomanCEO, Inc is a community built on empowering and coaching women and men around the world, located in Los Angeles, California.


I intentionally created two podcasts that I love to share my voice with the world, WomanCEO Podcast is geared towards self-development focused on abundance and wealth, and The Modern CFO Podcast is for entrepreneurs who want to shake up the financial world through financial literacy.

Thank you for allowing me to share my voice and passion with you."

I am so grateful. xo Yasmine Belle, CEO/Founder


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